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Use Pass

For a summer's worth of skiing on a slalom course with a large dock to lounge in between your sets, there is no better deal than a $160.00 annual use pass. With your pass, you and your boat are allowed unlimited access to our ski course and dock. Each skier must obtain a use pass to use the ski course, card sharing is not allowed. Friends and family that do not use the ski course are welcome at no additional cost. We welcome all levels of skiers and children of all ages (no pets please).

Club memberships are also available for families. If you are interested, discuss this option with a member on the dock.  Click here if you are interested to learn more about becoming a member. Our dock and ski course are maintenance intensive, and we schedule volunteer work parties every year. We invite use pass holders to help out during these work parties too! 

Use-pass holders are required to know the dock rules, safety rules, skier's cove map, and the no card sharing rule. Pease, always leave the dock cleaner than you when you arrived.  A use pass can be purchased immediately online or at the dock (if a board member is present). You may use the link below to purchase.   

Click below for an Annual  Use Pass

*After purchasing you must download and sign the use-pass waiver. Email a scanned copy of the waiver or send it to Lucie Hock (contact info on the waiver). Or, you may fill out the form online. Passes will be sent within seven days of purchase and signed waiver. 

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