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Rules of the Dock

Dock Rules

Be aware that use passes and member cards may be immediately revoked by the acting board for violation of any rules. All rules are directly related to the 2017 Bureau of Reclamation contract. 

  • Use passes are non-transferable and my not be used by anyone other than the person named on the card and who signed the liability waiver, as required by the Bureau of Reclamation contract. Sharing a card will result in forfeiture of the use pass (no refunds). 

  • No dogs on the dock. Keep them in your boat. 

  • No fishing from the dock. 

  • Day use only, absolutely no overnight camping on the dock (per Lake Berryessa rules-camping on Lake Berryessa is allowed on designated grounds). 

  • Be aware of skier rotation rules which are clearly posted on the skiers' board. 

  • If you damage the course or balls, you must repair and/or replace for the next skier. 

  • We do not have garbage service. Please contain and take your own trash. 

  • Please clean tables and BBQ after food preparation. 

  • Urinating off the dock is prohibited per the contract with the Bureau of Reclamation. All persons should use the Porta-Potty, which is located in the small cove just north of the ski dock. 

  • Be courteous of others. Excessive/Explicit loud music and language, especially when children are present, is prohibited. 

  • No configuration changes to the dock or ski course are to be made without the approval of MSC board members and BOR, as required by contract. 

  • MSC does not provide a lifeguard. All children under 16 must have parental supervision. Parents are responsible for their children's safety at all times. Excessive horseplay is prohibited. 

  • Tubing is not allowed. 

Safety Rules
  • In case of emergency, call 1-707-253-0911. Non-Emergency Sheriff, Local Office: 707-253-4637. Cell phone coverage may be limited. Board Members present will allow use of their cell phone for any emergency.
  • Be aware of swimmers near the dock. Do not drive boat or Jet Ski at speed past the front or side of the dock. See the area map. 
  • Keep 200 feet clear of dock when at speed. No boat, traveling over 5 mph, shall come within 200 feet of the dock. Absolutely no skiing into the dock. Always drop your skier 200 feet from the dock. 
  • All facility users must read and understand the rules before they use or drive on the ski course. Before driving or using the ski course, please ask a member for an orientation and driving instruction. 
  • A vest must be worn by skiers using the course at all times. All skiers must have an observer in the boat. An orange flag must be raised when the skier is in the water. 
  • Each boat must be operating properly with no mechanical problems. All drivers must be of legal age, must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, experienced, and be capable of driving in a restricted cove. 
  • Each boat must be contain a fire extinguisher and first aid kit. 
  • Vital: The first user of the day should inspect the course without a skier in tow to make sure everything is in place and there are no hazardous conditions. 
  • Any safety violations should be reported immediately to a board member. Serious safety violations may result in expulsion from the club by a vote of the MSC Board. 
  • Skiing is to take place from sunrise to sunset per California Boating Law. All boaters and skiers are subject to all California Boating Laws. 
No Card Sharing
  • Use pass card sharing is strictly prohibited. Sharing a use pass card with another person will result in the immediate loss of card. Sorry, no refunds. Revenue generated from the use pass sales are used to maintain the dock and course. We ask that you do your part. If you ski the cove, buy a pass. 

                                                   PLEASE REFER TO OUR LOCATION AREA FOR DRIVING DIRECTIONS IN SKIER'S COVE

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